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I just have a couple of requirements for you to follow each time you access my website. You understand and agree that you are to meet all the requirements every time you use my website

What’s In Store For You Here

As I have previously stated, my website is my very own place where I can express my random thoughts on anything that has something to do with technology. So whether it’s about computers, software, or cloud computing; my website is the perfect place to talk about it. So what’s in store for you here are my random thoughts on technology. I don’t claim to be an expert on the field and such is the reason why I’m stressing the fact that everything here is based on my own random thoughts.

My Articles Aren’t For Commercial Use

I appreciate the time you spend on my website. I also appreciate the fact that you are interested to know what’s on my mind. But do take note that my random thoughts, as expressed in all my articles, are for your personal use only. Should you find a valuable piece of information here, please verify it first.

I also ask you not to post any of my articles on other websites. Should you want to share anything about my website, you can just let your friends know about my website. You can send them the link to my website so they can visit me here instead.

What I Won’t Allow Here

Comments that are not related to technology are not allowed here. I will also not allow messages that don’t have anything to do with technology. Backlinks and solicitations will be blocked.

Messages and comments that offend other people are not welcome here as well. Profanities and obscenities are most certainly NOT allowed here.

With Your Knowledge And Consent

You are aware that some of your personal data are collected by my website. It is with your consent that some of your personal information is collected here.

These are my requirements every time you use my website. Should you not be able to meet them fully, you agree to leave my website.

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