Privacy Policy

My website is able to collect various information from visitors. Although they consent to share information on my website, I make sure to keep all kinds of information shared here on

What I’m Able To Access

I am able to access the email addresses of my visitors. But in spite of that, I do not use the email addresses unless my visitors require me to reply back to them. I will never use the email addresses, collected by my website, to fill up the inbox with useless mails. Everything I want to share with my visitors will be posted on my website. I see no reason why I have to send emails when I can share all my random thoughts on my website.

It’s not only the email addresses that I am able to access here on my website. Through the cookies, I can also access the IP addresses of my visitors.

What I Do With The Data

Here’s what I do with the data that’s collected by my website. I secure all of them. None of the email addresses and IP addresses is given to companies or other websites. I do not sell or trade any of the data that’s collected here. It is my responsibility to protect the privacy of my visitors here on my website. I will do that by securing all the data here on my website. They will never be published or posted anywhere else.

I will use the IP addresses to study the profiles of my visitors. I will make use of the information provided by the IP address to analyze the kind of visitors I get on my website. But that’s all I’ll ever do with the IP addresses here. My visitors can have peace of mind that their data is safe here.

I will only share my random thoughts on technology. That’s all I have to offer here. The data collected by my website will always remain a secret.

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