Carbonite Is Still All About Protection


carbonite-online-backupIf you were a big fan of Star Wars during the eighties, the word “Carbonite” would really ring a bell. In the movie, Carbonite was some kind of freezing process that was used to preserve Han Solo.

Now fast forward to the present time, Carbonite still has something to do with preservation. But this time, it’s all about file preservation.

Nowadays, Carbonite is all about online backup. It backs up all the files in the computer, protecting and preserving them online. Clearly, it’s the easiest way to back up everything in the computer. There’s no need to do anything else, just install Carbonite and backup begins.

Installing Carbonite is one easy task anyone can do. The instructions are very simple. All it really takes is a couple of clicks that can do the whole thing. But if there’s one thing worth taking note of it’s the discount code that anyone can use to make this online backup service more affordable.

Carbonite offers some discount codes that can really make it very affordable for everybody. It’s really just a matter of finding the right discount code. But nonetheless, there are websites that don’t just offer Carbonite discount codes but also valuable information about this particular online backup service.

So how does Carbonite work? After installing it, how does it work to protect and preserve the files in the computer?

Carbonite does everything so long as the automatic setting is on. With the automatic setting, all the files from the computer transfer immediately online. The manual setting can be used if there is a preferred time to back up all the files. That’s the only difference between the two settings. But the bottom line is that all the files are transferred online. There’s no need to back up anywhere else. Carbonite backs up all the files and protects them all in a remote data center.

Carbonite makes use of the 128-bit Blowfish encryption process says R-Fate online backup solutions. This means that each and every file that’s transmitted online is encrypted using this highest level of encryption process.

To put it in simple terms, Carbonite does not transfer the files as they are. The files are initially encrypted and then transmitted online. No one can access the files without a password.

Soon as Carbonite transmits all the files online, all the files are safely stored online. There’s no need update them because that happens automatically as well.

In case there is a need to restore a file from Carbonite, all one has to do is to launch the Infocenter. The interface of the Infocenter is very easy. Just click on “Restore” on the left had side. There are three options under Restore. These are:

• Search and restore
• Browse your backup
• Restore all your files

If a file has been accidentally deleted, it’s best to click on the “Search and restore.” Carbonite has a thirty-day guarantee; meaning it keeps all the deleted files thirty days after it has been deleted. So even deleted files can be restored from Carbonite.

This online backup solution is very affordable. In fact, you can even make it more affordable if you use a Carbonite offer code renewal for your home plans. Now if you have your own business and would like to use Carbonite, then you should get hold of a Carbonite Server offer code to save on the service.

Carbonite offers unlimited online backup. This means all the files in the computer can be backed up at a fixed amount. There’s no need to worry about extra charges. So aside from the fact that it’s easy to use, it’s also very affordable. It’s perfect for anybody that wants to protect all the files in the computer.

So from the Star Wars movie from the eighties to the present time, Carbonite is still about preservation and protection.

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